Morgan Freeman Narrates The Inspiring UN Climate Summit Opening Film

Originally posted on CleanTechnica.com

Author: Cynthia Shahan

Morgan Freeman’s strong and gentle voice describes a day that begins with a breeze-powered alarm clock in the short film What’s Possible from Take Part. He goes on to discuss a day when our electricity comes from the solar rays of the sun. He speaks on leading us through hopeful visions and pure ideas. Freeman leads us to ideas of a renewable, ecologically safe future. He leads us to ideas of how we can live in harmony with our environment and balance climate problems.

Finally, he leads us to the most important question: “How do we get to that day from where we are today?”

This short film opened the UN 2014 Climate Summit in New York as a call to action. The film and Freeman ask us to take part, insisting that we insist (from our leaders) on climate action. The chance for a livable climate for the future is quickly slipping; for our children and their children.

With Freeman’s strong voice, we feel that although the crisis is big, we have everything we need to change it. Watch the sequel as well: A World of Solutions. It continues the hope that we will meet the challenge of ecological balance.

For more information about climate change and to take action, got to takepart.com/climate.

From Take Part: “What’s Possible was created by director Louie Schwartzberg, writer Scott Z. Burns, Moving Art Studio, and Lyn Davis Lear and the Lear Family Foundation. It features the creative gifts of Freeman and composer Hans Zimmer”